Saturday, July 12, 2008

Transcription and Coding

Allstate Transcription

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Medical transcription.

Amphion Medical

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Requires independent contractors to work as medical transcribers. Minimum 2 years experience required. Transcribers should be resident in US only.


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Looking for experienced medical transcribers to join our team and write up dictated letters and notes for medical practitioners.


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Employs Quality Assurance Editors/Proofreaders and medical transcriptionists working from home. Experience required and certification is desirable. Company has its own transcription software.


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Seeking qualified work-at-home Medical Transcriptionists nationwide to assist us in our growth process.


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Vacancies for professional medical transcriptionists , quality assurance specialists, information systems personnel and other corporate professionals.


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Prefer transcribers who can transcribe from digital video files as well as digital audio files. (MP4, MOV, WMV, RM) using the StartStop Transcription system.


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Employs medical transcribers working from home anywhere in USA. Should have a minimum of 2 years experience, pass a written medical exam and transcription skills test. Compensation is based on productivity and benefits include paid holidays, training and insurance.


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Transcription Services


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MedQuist is always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Our career opportunities include professional, transcription, coding and support positions.

Thomas Transcription

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Always looking for qualified medical Transcriptionists to join Thomas Transcription. You just might be the candidate we are looking for to complement our team.

Mulberry Studio

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Full-time and part-time transcription and proofreading positions are available either on-site, in our Harvard Square office, or on a freelance contractual basis from your home.

Transcription 2000

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We are currently hiring independent contractor transcriptionists. You may apply below if you have excellent transcription skills and take pride in your product. We DO NOT transcribe medical material for hospitals/doctors, et cetera.


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Anonymous said...

The listing for Mulberry Studio is out of date and should be removed. They aren't accepting people for proofreading jobs anymore.